Hello, I am a backend engineer with a passion for all things related to software engineering and distributed systems. Currently, I lead and mentor an engineering team responsible for backend processes, collaborating closely with product managers and other cross-functional partners to deliver robust services.


I began my career at Huawei. Following this, I ventured into the startup ecosystem with KeyValue Software Systems. I have had the privilege of working across a multitude of domains, collaborating with numerous startups and scale-ups in India and Southeast Asia. This journey has provided me with a rich set of experiences and insights into various industries, including payments, fraud/risk analytics, e-commerce, and logistics. In these roles, I primarily focused on identifying and solving unique challenges, using technology as a key tool to drive innovation and foster growth.


These days, I mostly write programs in Go. Being a polyglot, I have previously worked with NodeJS, Scala, Elixir, and Java. I also work a bit on the infrastructure side with AWS, Kubernetes (K8s), ECS, and so on.